Quality Policy

Company objective: devoted to the promotion of precision ceramic products, applying modern precision ceramics in every detail of production and living, serving the whole country and going global, making our company needed by the society.
Ⅰ.Character expression of the quality policy:
  Taking market as the only direction, employing moral quality to produce precision ceramic products;
  Image superiority, personnel equivalence, products homogenization.
Ⅱ. Implicit meaning of quality policy:
  1. "Taking market as the only direction" indicates that under the market economy system, when engaging in business operation, the company will observe the market rules, seek for development and transcendence based on the requirements of the society, encourage ourselves to meet customer's demands in an honest way and conform to statutory and regulatory requirements.
  2. The policy of “employing moral quality to produce precision ceramic products” and “image superiority” indicates the company's inherent structural characteristics of pursuing perfect. We will also combine this into the whole process of providing precision ceramic products and abide by the code of "no best but only better".
  3. "Personnel equivalence" shows the uniformity of employees' value orientation and inner quality: collaborate closely, struggle side by side, strive for cooperation, and cultivate sentiments.
  4. "Products homogenization" indicates that under the influence of company's inherent structural characteristics and value orientation, the precision ceramic products we provide are stable in quality. Each of them endeavors to conform to the specification of good products.
  5. The combination of the above meanings forms an important part of the core of company's culture, being the objective of the company and the soul of our business philosophy.
  As for this quality policy, the staff must deeply understand and fully show them with their actual performance in the work.
General Manager: Li Guangren

Taking market as the only direction, employing moral quality to produce precision ceramic products.


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