In 1992,
SMILE laid its foundation in Pudong, Shanghai.
In 1993,
Started to put into operation, with an initial production scale of 2 million alumina textile ceramics.
In 1994,
The textile ceramics began to be exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia.
In 1995,
Independently developed mechanical semi-automatic precision polishing technology;
Annual production and sales exceeded 5 million pieces.
In 1996,
Became a qualified supplier for Panasonic, providing 4 million insulating ceramics to it each year;
Developed alumina yarn guide independently;
Established agents and distributors in Europe and South America.
In 1997,
Production and sales exceeded 10 million pieces, and its sale network spread over 46 countries across the
Established agents and distributors in Southeast Asia;
Developed mechanical semi-automatic precision polishing technology independently.
In 1998,
Developed high-purity alumina ceramics on its own, with the purity being 99.5%;
Independently developed high-precision surface polishing technology which is applied to the surface of
ceramic yarn guide used in high speed textile;
Production and sales exceeded 15 million pieces, and the products involved textile and machinery industry.
In 1999,
Passed the ISO9000-1994 quality system attestation through English SGS;
Production and sales exceeded 15 million pieces over the year.
In 2000,
Independently developed the surface low friction process technology which is applied in the yarn guide used
in ultra-high speed spinning machines;
Production and sales exceeded 25 million pieces;
Became the high-tech enterprise in Shanghai;
In the same year, the company set up the dry pressing workshop;
Production and sales exceeded 30 million pieces.
In 2002,
Passed the ISO9000-2000 quality system attestation through English SGS;
Total production and sales exceeded 35 million pieces.
In 2005,
Dongtai Smile New Material Technology Co., Ltd was founded;
Production and sales of the year exceeded 40 million pieces.

Taking market as the only direction, employing moral quality to produce precision ceramic products.


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